Building a safer world through open sources that go beyond code



We believe security is the responsibility of all technology users, 制造商, 和 intermediaries 和 that collaboration is the only way to achieve long-term change. That’s why we’re committed to openly sharing security information, 帮助我们的同龄人学习, 成长, 开发新的能力, 和 supporting each other in raising 和 addressing issues that affect the cybersecurity community.


Rapid7 researchers constantly work to uncover unknowns as far as technology reaches.



Security risks are present in even the most commonplace devices—和 not just your phone 和 laptop. Rapid7 researchers have exposed vulnerabilities in everything from printers, 婴儿监视器, 车辆, 甚至还有儿童玩具.



It’s no secret that security can have far-reaching impacts on a business, 包括它的底线. Our researchers have helped global organizations across industries secure their internal processes 和 ensure the safety of their customers.



关键基础设施, 比如能源, 通信, 和运输, are core to the functioning of our world as we know it. That’s why we prioritize infrastructure research 和 public policy efforts aimed at helping governments keep infrastructure secure.



Explore how Rapid7’s unparalleled underst和ing of attackers makes our products more powerful.

  • Threat feed dashboard informed by 项目海森堡 honeypots in InsightVM
  • Attacker Based Analytics sourced from Projects Sonar 和 Heisenberg 和 threat intelligence in InsightIDR
  • Accelerated discovery 和 coverage of zero-days 和 other low-notice exploits in InsightVM
  • Discovery of internet-facing assets in InsightVM using integration with 项目声纳
  • Identification of weak or distrusted certs using research on SSL certificate ecosystem

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